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Hugh Ferriss and The Metropolis of Tomorrow

More diving through my archives – and this time it’s a page about architect Hugh Ferriss and his monograph The Metropolis of Tomorrow.

Hugh Ferriss was a 20th century architect who influenced many subsequent generations. In his visionary 1929 book, Ferriss sets out his vision of  the structure of future cities. The book is divided in three parts: a description of New York as Ferriss saw it , with drawings of the most important building built in the 1920s; a review of new architectural trends, new ideas, and new materials and techniques; and finally, and most amazingly, a possible layout for a visionary city, dominated by steel and glass.

I mean, just look at these drawings: it’s Gotham and Metropolis and Brazil and THX1138 all rolled into one, every single utopian or dystopian movie set right here, dreams in black and white. Continue reading… (70 words)


Max Headroom – a treatise

More digging through my old website of the 90s – and this time it’s a classic: a personal essay (in French) about the sociological and political critique in Max Headroom! I especially love that I went through the trouble of making an image map of the characters (Netcape only, mind you). I’ve put some excerpts on this page, but you will have to head over to the original page here to see all of it. Continue reading… (614 words)


Pierre Chareau and the Maison de Verre

I’ve been digging through my files and old website – it’s quite surprising how prolific I was back in the nineties, and how many topics I was interested in. One of the things that I made webpages about was the Maison de Verre, Pierre Chareau‘s transparent house in Paris. I wrote a short introduction and also translated part of Adam Gopnik’s 1994 New Yorker article so that more information would be available in French. Gopnik lived in the house for a while, and his description of the effect of living in the house is to me more interesting than any facts about its architecture or about the ideals behind it. Continue reading… (501 words)


Le Compositeur

This is a short story that I wrote when I was 16. It won the Prix du Jeune Ecrivain 1993, which was organised by Le Monde. It looks like I’ve always had trouble getting tenses to match up in any story I’ve ever written – but I must say, apart from that, it’s still a pretty good story.   J’ai attendu longtemps avant d’avoir un appartement dans la Tour de la Musique. Enfin, ce n’est pas vraiment un appartement — c’est une chambre au deuxième sous-sol de la Tour avec salle de bains commune à tout l’étage. J’étais sur une […]